A healthy transition to maximise milk yields

Cows reach their peak lactation at about 6-10 weeks after calving. By managing their blood calcium levels and energy balance correctly during the period around calving, you can maximise milk yields.

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To help increase blood calcium levels immediately after calving, use Farm-O-San Reviva


The orange energy boost for recovery after calving

Farm-O-San Reviva is an easily digestible, highly palatable energy drink for freshly calved cows, containing dextrose as one of the energy sources. It quickly rehydrates and replenishes mineral loss in the cow.

Providing Farm-O-San Reviva immediately after calving helps the cow restore their energy balance increasing the cow’s activity and forage intake.

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”Minimising the impact of post-calving dehydration is a key part of our routine.”

David Hurren
Borough Green Farm, Great Ayrton

To help manage the effects of negative energy balance and reduce the subsequent risk for ketosis, use Farm-O-San Pro-Keto


Turn a critical phase into a healthy investment

Farm-O-San Pro-Keto is a dietetic feed that reduces the risk of ketosis. It provides cows with sufficient energy to maintain milk production during periods of negative energy balance. It also contains vitamins and minerals to boost liver function and stimulate immunity, plus flavouring agents to improve palatability.

With daily doses of Farm-O-San Pro-Keto you can tackle the negative energy balance challenge and protect your bottom line.

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”We always have
Farm-O-San Pro-Keto in stock.”

Mient Douma
Gerkesklooster, the Netherlands

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  • A 1Kg Farm-O-San Reviva sample
  • A pocket-sized Body Condition Score Chart
  • A Discount voucher with a value up to £105
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